When you are not ‘clear’ do not act. Be strict with yourself. Then there is no pressure. Truly realize that you are not the doer. If you realize that all burdens fall off your shoulders and you will become more efficient, more strongly motivated and lighter. Forget about past. Put all concentration on what work is now at hand. Observe more silence. Really go within for peace you seek outside. Fortunate are those who have followed the Light through times of darkness, even in times of great disharmony on this planet. Continue following the Light. Allow no fear. Entertain no doubt. Seek no fame for the work being done through you. Always be humble as a child in all innocence. All Grace is bestowed. These are times of great renewal, rebirth in essence. It is time soon to rejoice.

     It is important now for your son to learn Fivefold Path principles and these concepts in daily life. Not that you have to sit down with him and teach him but that your life reflect these teachings. He should learn to share with others, and he can sit for meditation timings when he wants. Never force him to sit, but if he chooses to sit, then he should be quiet. You can do Yoga with him in the mornings.

      One need not feel bad that one has desires. Put all focus on work and serving others. Let the desires come and go as thoughts during a meditation. Do not hold onto each longing. The tendency is to focus on being unfulfilled. Never mind fulfilled or unfulfilled. Fulfill others. Then the LOVE comes.
      We have now to help the people learn to busy their minds with the things that lead to self-development and self-improvement and not sex and drugs and material things and the like. Daily three locks, Pranayama, meditation and Mantras. Now unseen forces come to our aid.
       It is like your diet. You can say ‘no’ to fattening foods or junk foods, isn’t it? Treat anger, etc. also in the same way. So if you are hungry, you might say ‘no’ to a chocolate bar and give yourself a salad. Treat the emotion that is blocking you in the same manner. Say ‘no’ to it and give yourself some time to calm down. The anger is only as powerful as you allow it to be. If you give it the rein, it is like a wild animal is, as you know, untamed. Do discipline the mind and tame the emotion.

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