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Homa Therapy Exhibition in Gleissdorf, Austria

Reiner and Manuela Sczypior wrote from Gleissdorf, Austria:

"We had the opportunity to inform the community of Gleissdorf about the Holistic Healing Science of Homa Therapy and the Fivefold Path Mission School through exhibitions, presentations, talks and local newspaper articles.

Celebration of Earth Day 2014 in Paradise Garden, Painer, Eggersdorf, Austria

Once again this year we were invited by Peter and Roswita of Paradise Garden, Painer to celebrate Earth Day.

We also learnt about topics of interest such as:
a) the effects of EM (Effective Microorganisms) composting in ponds and plants
b) how to avoid plastics in our daily lives, etc.

Firing the Grid - Agnihotras around the World on September Equinox, 2013

On September 21 & 22, 2013 Agnihotra practitioners from around the globe participated in a network of Agnihotra being performed on the September Equinox. The aim was to create a grid of Sacred Fires or 'firing the grid' and to ideally have two waves of Agnihotra fires moving around the planet (one for sunrise, one for sunset).

We received many responses from people all over the world informing their coordinates. We were amazed to find every continent represented, and people from Alaska to Africa, from Europe to U.S.A., Australia to Russia, Japan to Hawaii. There were more than 450 Meridiens of Longitude represented with Agnihotra Fires in more than 50 countries. There may have been more that we were unaware of.

Agnihotra at Earth Fest in Austria

July 23, 2013 I attended the Earth Fest at Garten Paradise Painer, a plant nursery and arboretum in Eggersdorf, Styria, Austria. Many new Agnihotra friends have joined to heal our wonderful planet.

We had music, Om Tryambakam Yajnya for four hours and lots of exchanges with divine souls.

Healing the Earth through Agnihotra, at Allerheilingen, Steiermark, Austria

Ms. Silvia and Mr. Andreas organized a talk in the city Allerheilingen, Steiermark, on the subject: 'Healing the Earth through Agnihotra'. We all felt very connected in our hearts and very grateful.

Agnihotra at the "Three Rainbows" Festival in Seeboden, Austria

I was invited to teach Agnihotra at the "Three Rainbows" Festival in Seeboden, Austria.

Agnihotra Awareness Meeting in Mürzhofen, Austria

"Mrs. Elke Steinscherer invited us to an "awareness stammtisch" in Mürzhofen. Agnihotra was enthusiastically received, and 11 pyramids more are burning now in Austria for the benefit of mother earth.

Agnihotra in Austria

I practice Agnihotra for about 5 years and really love the fire and I had amazing experiences with it. For me, its something special to be able to perform such an ancient holy technique and thus heal myself and the environment.

I worked on different organic farms in different countries and experienced that the performance of Agnihotra and Homas create an special atmosphere and really is a way to happy living in peace and harmony with Nature.

Europeans Beware

When the Chernobyl nuclear accident happened in 1986, I had a farm near Graz in Austria. The Austrian Government immediately issued that every farmer had to carry milk and fodder for testing for radioactivity. When I did this, the inspectors were shocked, because they found only normal radioactivity levels in our milk and fodder samples while all the farmers in the surrounding area had high doses in their samples. The inspectors said it was not possible to have normal radioactivity after Chernobyl and is there anything special that I do on my farm?

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