Somayag 2010, Maheshwar

Atyagnishtoma Mahasomayag was held from January 26-31st at the Homa Therapy Goshala in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, India, under the technical guidance of Fivefold Path Mission. This was the third in a series of seven such Somayags which are to be held at the Homa Therapy Goshala.

Somayag is a special medicinal Yajnya to be performed based on astronomic conditions. It would take an intelligent young person about twelve years to learn this technique with proper mantra chanting. The person has to follow strict disciplines. This Yajnya is called Somayag because soma juice is used as the main oblation. Soma is called the king of medicinal herbs. This special Yajnya provides a powerful boost of healing energy for the whole world. The beneficial effect of each of these Homas lasts for many years. Somayags make the atmosphere medicinal, nutritious and disease-free.

Generally speaking, Somayags are for the welfare of all, to bring balance to nature and the elements. The specific purpose of each of the seven Somayags is as follows:

  • Agnishtoma–for the atmosphere
  • Atyagnishtoma–for water
  • Jyotirukta–for food
  • Shodashi–for health
  • Atiratra–longevity of life
  • Aptoryam–well-being, prosperity of the whole society
  • Vajpeya–peace of mind

These seven things comprise the essentials for all living things. The purposes of the Somayags are interrelated. For example, the Jyotirukta Somayag is for food, but this also includes atmosphere and water.

In watching the performance of Somayag, one is struck by the precise teamwork of the Somayag performers. Countless tasks and exact procedures are involved in preparing the altar areas, assembling and preparing the many tools and materials, and chanting and making offerings to fire.

Each pundit has specific responsibilities. Humorously, Somayagi Hari Bhau Apte commented, “Fire is a rich man. (The pundit who makes the offerings) is his cook. I am his chauffeur. And these (the rest of the pundits) are his personal assistants.” The varied duties are carried out in a spirit of devotion, unity and joy–an example to us all.

Homa Festival 2009, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Again the HOMA FESTIVAL 2009 has been a wonderful success in spreading the message of Healing and Love on a mass scale. There were even more healing Agnihotra fires lit than in the years before! The stage was full with Agnihotris in front of hundreds of people receiving the healing energies. It was a Festival of GRACE and sharing!

We heard wonderful, miraculous testimonies of people who had suffered from incurable diseases, but Homa Therapy could resolve their problems. All Agnihotra practitioners have their own healing story, but what joins them, is GRATITUDE and the wish to SERVE others.

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Agnihotra at Anti-Cancer Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mr. Alan Yong writes from his visit to Bangkok:
“I was delighted to join the Thai couple, Mr. Kantipong and Nisachon from Bangkok to perform Agnihotra at Anti-Cancer Foundation, at Waeng Kum Kum Road, Chiang Mai on 15th December, 2009. The chairman of the Anti-Cancer Foundation, Professor Dr. Charliew Piyachon also joined us. About 40 cancer patients enjoyed the Homa fire for the first time and they look forward for the next Agnihotra meetings.”

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Anita’s Suicide Attempt: Dr John Matlander Reports on Healing from Drinking Acid

Cuenca, Ecuador,
South America

Attempted Suicide

Dr John Matlander reports from Cuenca, Ecuador:

There was a native girl, Anita, from the mountains of northern Ecuador near the border with Colombia, who tried to commit suicide by drinking acid. It completely burned her stomach and also burned her lungs.

She was left for nine months in a bed in the Hospital “Vernasa” with a stomach probe (tube) and they gave her milk. Then they called me.

Photo: Dr John Matlander

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