Report from the Mango Belt, North India

Farm of Shri Ramesh Tiwari,
Hasanganj, District: Unnao, UP

Report on Mango, Variety Dashehari

Dr R.K. Pathak
Vice Chairman Manas Rural Development Institute
Kharkarali, Lane, Thane,
Maharashtra, India

There is exciting news from the mango belt of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India.

Shri Ramesh Tiwari and a group of 20 farmers have initiated Homa Organic Farming in mangos in the Unnao district, which is famous for the cultivation of Dashehari variety.
I am a regular visitor of Mr. Tiwari’s mango orchard and his adviser. In India, most of the mango varieties are alternate bearers, which means that they give fruits only every other year. The mango variety Dashehari is also an alternate bearer.
Mr. Ramesh Tiwari is practicing Homa Farming since 2003. He is adopting all the techniques being suggested like simple mulching, tree pasting, use of Jiwamrita (Jiwamrita is a bio-enhancer prepared by fermenting cow dung and urine along with local soil rich in microbes. It has a rich microbial consortia.), Agnihotra enriched water and Biosol. People at the Tiwari farm are regularly performing Agnihotra, daily four hours of Tryambakam and additional Tryambakam on Full and New Moon days. His mango orchard had a continuous increase in production and the quality of the fruits is excellent. The yield data for past 5 years is given below:

The fruit quality of the Homa farms is far better regarding taste, size and appearance. On none of the Homa farms do the mangos suffer from a common problem of soft tissues and a number of pests and diseases, but at Mr. Tiwaris´ Homa farm, all these problems have been resolved completely.