Our Visit to Bhargava Dham, Elqui Valley, Chile

Excerpts from a letter of Prof. Marcela Faúndez and her husband Eugenio Avelino Escalona on their 15/day trip to the Elqui Valley, where they also visited Bhargava Dham, Point of Light. At this time Bhargava Dham is in the loving care of Carlos Bustamante, Tania Salobrenha and Carmen Hurtado:

   One afternoon in January 2021, we started our summer vacation. The destination chosen was the Elqui Valley located in the Fourth Region of Chile, also called the Coquimbo Valley.
We lived the moments of deepest reflection with Prof. Carlos Bustamante and his beloved Tania. This, our first visit to Bhargava Dham, left a very pleasant impression on us. We received a warm, loving and matchless reception.
There reigns much peace, joy, love to service and great dedication. The premises of the place were shown to us and we participated in wonderful experiences with superior beings invoked with Mantras in Sanskrit. In a small octagonal temple, at the time of Agnihotra practice, we were surrounded by a sublime, very solemn and impressive atmosphere.
The offering to the river left us undaunted. Chants accompanied the Agnihotra ash that slowly bathed the rocks and waters of the peaceful Cochiguaz River. An unforgettable ceremony that we will remember forever.
The penultimate day in the valley was downright spectacular. Tania, Carlos and Carmen invited us to a zoom meeting with very nice, very authentic and very helpful Latin American friends. There we captured the transcendent dimension of the work of men and women who dream of a better world, with more opportunities, more humanitarianism and more consciousness. …

Photos above: Eugenio, Tania, Carlos and Marcela meeting at Bhargava Dham; landscape in Bhargava Dham; Marcela with Master Shree Vasant in B.D. the 80’s.

For more information on Bhargava Dham please see:

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