‘Om Shree Dham’ Homa Therapy Centre and Organic Farm, NSW, Australia – 2016 Update

Nature Exuding Radiance and Joy in Homa Atmosphere.

The Devic realm is so present in the garden and the Buddha Pond (below)

Luscious Homa Food Garden

Agni Shala with a wild head of ‘hair’ and giant Lingam in background.

Unusual pumpkin!

Herbs for our potent herbal teas

The Buddha Pond

A Gentle Natural Bushfire in the Hills Surrounding our Property.

It amazes us how friendly fire becomes around Agnihotris. Here the underbrush is naturally burning off in a bush fire, preparing us for summer. Nature gifted our whole farm with a eucalyptus smudge!

Healing a sick tree with Homa Therapy

Trunk is coated with ash-ghee and clay.

Many fresh shoots and glossy leaves.

Our macadamia tree was attacked by a plague of some kind of mining insect that was sucking the sap out of the new shoots. Under the mulch we saw a mass of tiny insect eggs. To remedy the situation Agnihotra ash was sprinkled around the base of the tree and watered in. Then a paste was made of Agnihotra ash, cow’s ghee and clay and smeared over the trunk from the base upwards and on any effected branches, also the cut off ravaged tips were smeared with the mix. The tree, a couple of months later was completely free of the insect plague, had abundant new shoots despite being winter and was outstanding in its shiny, radiant foliage.

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