News of Homa Therapy in Australasia – 2016

Agnihotra Brings Peace and Relief

See ‘birds of peace’ manifesting in 3 Agnihotra Fires

At recent workshop in the Dandenong Mountains  Vic. organized by Paras. Many young people attended. On right- long time Agnihotri JonRa.

  • Agnihotra Outreach in Nth NSW and QLD.
  • Activities at Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre
  • Agnihotra Outreach South Coast and Vic
  • NewEarth Nation embraces Homa Therapy – Bali
  • Agnihotra in Singapore
  • Women’s Retreat in Rainbow Region
  • News and Mission statement from Om Shree Dham
  • Homa Therapy Centre for Environmental healing and Inner Transformation

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