My Experience at Parama Dham, Madison, VA, USA

The Parama Dham Fire Temple was established in 1973 by Shree Vasant Paranjpe in Madison, Virgina, USA. Daily sunrise and sunset Agnihotra and 4 hours of Tryambakam Homa are maintained here; on Full- and New moon days 24 hour Tryambakam Homa is maintained.

Jane Mullan from Sperryville, VA, USA writes:
I am the director of Hearthstone School in Sperryville, Virginia, U.S.A. On August 2nd, 2007 I visited the Parama Dham Fire Temple in Madison, Virginia. The Fire Temple was said to be a very peaceful place and I was just going to stop by for a moment. I parked in front of the building and saw a lot of energy around it–strong, solid, tightly knit energy around the house. When I walked up to the arched trellis at the entrance to the property I could feel a strong energy there. When I walked through the archway, I felt that I was in the energy. I walked back and forth, going inside and outside the archway a couple of times, feeling the difference between the energy inside and outside. There was a definite shift of energy.

When I went into the yard I experienced a different dimension. My mind felt different. There were no worries about regular worldly things. I felt detached from worldly matters. I would call it an altered state. I looked around the yard and could see how the energy sort of circled the property, though the shape wasn’t exactly round. When I looked beyond the yard, that dimension wasn’t there-there was just the old world energy.

I walked up to the porch of the Fire Temple and the energy got stronger. I stood on the porch and thought, “What is this energy here?” For a moment I just stood outside the door on the left and could feel the energy inside the door. I tried to prepare myself for what was inside.

When I opened the door, I saw so many Light Beings! The room was full of them! Some of the Light Beings felt as if they were just holding the energy and strength in the space. Others came right over to the door, ushering me in, asking, “What do you need help with? We’re here to help”. I felt as if you could put forth whatever you wanted to work on and they would do their best to help you with it.
I sat on a pillow near the altar and the energy was very intense there, peaking. It felt like a very sacred space. I wanted to be very careful not to disturb anything. I hadn’t planned on asking for any help; I just came to see the temple, but the Light Beings were inviting me to use this energy in the Fire Temple to do things. I am the director of a school, and silently I asked about a dark energy I had felt was around the school.

There was so much energy in the temple that I got help so quickly. As I was silently putting forth the darkness I wanted help with, I felt this energy come down, pull the darkness out and lift it up. Suddenly, I felt so good! So much lighter! It all happened in a few seconds.

It felt so good to be in the temple, but I wondered if there was anything more for me to do while I was there. Silently I asked the Light Beings, “Should I stay?” They said no, that I had gotten my blessing, and that was it! I walked to the door and gave thanks to all who were helping.

Outside the door I felt less energy. Looking around in the yard I wondered what this incredible energy was. The energy in the Fire Temple felt stronger than in any church I’ve ever been in.

When I was outside at the road, I was back in the world again, but I felt so light and good! My body was buzzing with energy! I could hardly contain myself.
From the road, the Fire Temple just looks like a little house; you would never know what’s inside!

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