More Experiments with Agnihotra

More experiments regarding the effect of Agnihotra on purification of polluted air.
One was done at Vikram University in Ujjain, M.P., India, the other in North Maharashtra University in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India.
Still waiting for the results of the Ujjain experiment – but the results of the Jalgaon experiment are there, showing that particulate matter is reduced by Agnihotra (although the count is little higher during and right after Agnihotra – which is expected, we are adding some smoke to the air). Same with SOx and NOx.
Now we plan for an experiment performing Agnihotra for one week. Also we want to see how Agnihotra improves the breathing capacity of asthmatic people – we have many reports showing that people get healed from asthma by performing Agnihotra, but till now no scientific study has been done. Hopefully this summer we will start with that.

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