Maria Magdalena’s MiniYoga for Children – Part 6

Maria Magdalena Bernales


Based on the program,
“Yoga and Meditation for Children”
created by Fran Rosen and Bonnie Maltby.

Hello friends! Warm and loving greetings for everyone! I sincerely hope that you are fine, happy, in peace and that these articles have been helpful for you to apply the wonderful gift that was given to us, The Fivefold Path… A marvelous tool that eases the way to our evolution and the reunion with our Divine Self.

As we explained in our previous publication, we would divide the last concept in two, to talk it over with the children. Today we will see the second part of the fifth and last step… Agnihotra.

With the deep hope that Agnihotra is already part of most of your homes and with the certainty that if it is not yet, it will be soon, we fondly greet all of you,



Let’s tell the children that there is an ecological solution for the problems we saw, a special Fire, very ancient and that many people, all around the world, are practicing. It is called Agnihotra.

Our air, water and soils have become too contaminated. This has had a very high cost in all life forms. Plants, animals and people need clean air and water. We can help to purify the atmosphere and heal our environment, through a specially prepared fire in a special copper pyramid. The fire’s name is Agnihotra. This fire is done exactly at sunrise and sunset.
What happens with nature when the sun rises?
The flowers open up, the birds start singing, the animals wake up. Can you imagine the amount of energy that there is exactly in that very moment? That’s the energy that Agnihotra picks up through a special little song so that the pyramid can distribute it to many places, in a healing way. During sunset, it is the same energy that instead of waking up, it goes to sleep. As the sun rises and sets at different times in the world, there’s always lit pyramids around the globe.

When we do Agnihotra in a vegetable garden and we put the ashes of this special fire on the soil, it helps the plants grow healthier and stronger. We can also throw these ashes in lakes and streams to help purify them.

Our atmosphere has an effect on all of us. How do you feel when you walk in a city full of people? Then, imagine that you go from the city to walk in the countryside. You are still the same person, with the same problems, but the change of atmosphere makes you feel better. Therefore, in a simple way, we can see that the atmosphere has an effect on how we feel.

When we practice Agnihotra, we purify the atmosphere and it influences our mind, making it feel more at peace and full of Love.

Note 1: It is important to emphasize that IT IS NOT the children who do the fires, it is the adults and the children can be present to receive all the benefits. The way they can help, is concentrating and sending all their Love at sunrise and sunset. This is a very effective way to be “in contact” and cooperate with all those people who are helping heal the planet with Agnihotra.

Note 2: It is also important that the children know that there is a solution and that there are many people dedicated to heal the Planet. Please don’t leave them with the uncertainty of highlighting only the ecological problems, let’s introduce this wonderful solution.

Listen to the Agnihotra song clicking this link and sing along:
Agnihotra song

When the sun sets
and also when it rises,
we’re all invited
to light the Sacred Fires,
these fires heal the air,
flowers, trees and birds,
rivers, seas and lakes
and heal the entire Earth,

Heal the Earth, heal the Earth.

When we do Agnihotra,
we light the Sacred Fire,
we’re helping the planet
and all the people on it,
to fill their minds
with true Love and Compassion,
so let’s all light with passion,
the fire of Agnihotra,

Agnihotra, Agnihotra… Agnihotra

HOMEWORK: Try to do your meditations during sunrise and/or sunset and send all your love, your affection and peace to each of the pyramids that are lit. Imagine that everything you send, is distributed around each pyramid and around yourself… To help with the power of Love, is the most positive action that we can do for our Planet and all its population.

A warm greeting, with all the strength of our Love!

(Editor’s remark: If the children are at an age where they can chant the Mantras correctly, know the process, can handle fire responsibly and wish to do this practice themselves, then, under the supervision of an adult, they can also perform Agnihotra. The purity of childrens mind and heart, together with the Homa Healing Fires, has wonderful effects.)

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Based on ‘Yoga &
Meditation for Children’ by Fran Rosen and Bonnie Maltby

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