Maria Magdalena’s MiniYoga for Children – Part 3

Maria Magdalena Bernales


       Hello everybody! We hope that you are all very well. We greet you very fondly and are grateful for the opportunity given to continue publishing in this Newsletter, which keeps us all close and informed.
      In this opportunity we are going to work with Positive Actions, that is how we present the Law of Karma to children.
We hope with all our heart that you have as many positive results with your children and students as we have had along all these years.
With all love for each one of you,


Show the children the drawing and ask them what they see in each of the
divisions: Help at home; take care of a sick person; clean the
environment and smile are… Good… GOOD DEEDS!

There’s no good or bad action that doesn’t have its effect. So, it is very important to make an effort to always act good.
This is like planting a garden. If I plant carrot seeds, what am I going to reap? And, If I plant tomato seeds? And lettuce? And if I plant good deeds, what am I going to reap? And If I plant actions that are not so good?
This is a LAW, it is going to work no matter what I think. It has been taught in different cultures and in many languages: You alwaysREAP AS YOU SOW.
If you smile and make everybody happy, you will automatically be happy. All that you do to others, good or bad, in someway will come back to you.

(try to act each situation and ask the children to come up with other examples).

• If you feed your body with healthy food and exercise, your body will be healthy and strong.
• If you have a positive attitude and have a smile on your face, people are going to be kind to you.
• If you are always available to help others, you will have help when you need it.
• If you plant a vegetable garden and take care of it, then Mother Nature will give you wonderful food to eat.

This does not always happen right away. It can take a lot of time. That is why, if you do something that is not so good, maybe in one day, or one week or even in one year something can happen to you that will even out your deeds and you will “Reap as you Sow”. This happens the exact same way with the positive actions.
   I have to save the positive actions, just like I save money in a saving account (you might have to explain what a saving account is).
Each positive action I do, without expecting anything in return, is a deposit in my “Good Action Saving Account”,
and every good thing that happens to me is a withdrawal. It is just like when I get money from my account. I have to be constantly putting money in my account so that that I don’t run out of it.
Always do Good Actions, without having expectations, so you can save more and more in your Positive Action Account.
   Life is very kind to us and gives us constantly opportunities to do positive actions; we just have to be aware so we can take advantage of each saving opportunity! This account has to be as “full” as possible.
   There is another account, my “Bad Action Account”. Each bad action I do is also a deposit, I save it in my account and each time something “bad” happens to me, it’s a withdrawal, in other words, I take money from that account. I have to be very conscious, that when I make a withdrawal, not to blame others, or shout, fight, hit … Sometimes I take out from my account 1 action and deposit 2 more! We have to be very careful because this account should be as “empty” as possible.
   I can minimize my “withdrawal” of a bad action if I realize that I made a mistake, if I deeply regret it, ask for forgiveness and "repair" my fault. This is the way to “clean up” my “Bad Action Saving Account”, but all of this has to be done with all my heart.
  The main idea behind learning about this Law is to use it to purify myself and this way I can become a better person each day, which is the main reason why I am in this world.

HOMEWORK: During the next days, do at least 3 good actions but we are sure you can DO MUCH MORE! And remember, don’t expect anything in return.

When you get together to talk about the homework, all will share their good actions just this one time because WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THEM! We do them in silence, but this time it will be good to hear and get more ideas from everybody.
Listen to the song in the following link:

See you next time!

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 Based on the program: Yoga & Meditation for Children by Fran Rosen & Bonnie Maltby

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