Magdalena’s MiniYoga for Children – Part 1

Maria Magdalena Bernales
     Since 1990, MiniYogaChile has been working with the beautiful program written by Fran Rosen and Bonnie Maltby “Yoga and Meditation for Children”. We have worked with children as well as trained adults, so they can work with children themselves.
      Throughout these last 30 years of experience, we have adapted the program to local necessities and have added information. The Project has grown as much as we have as individuals.

In 2019, we published a set of Flashcards, “MiniYoga”, to facilitate the presentation of these tools so they could be used by any interested person, without the need of training, since their application follows an easy-to-understand color code. This article is an extract of these flashcards that will be published to help whoever is interested in transmitting this wonderful ancestral knowledge to girls and boys at home.

         We are deeply grateful for this amazing opportunity to share some of our experience in this beautiful space created for the worldwide Fivefold Path practitioners.

Many, many years ago, a system was created to help us to live happily; it shows us how to live a healthy life in harmony with our social and natural environments, through 5 steps that we are going to learn, beginning today. We will start with the first one…

What is Sharing?
Give or lend what is yours to others. It can be a book, a toy, food, a game … (as long as you have permission from your parents to do that).

So that SHARING can help us become better and happier people, we must observe these behaviors: (Invite the children to act each situation and talk about them).

Without expecting anything in return – Always share with a smile on your face – Only share what is yours – Don’t look for recognition – Learn to look for the right person – Do not share personal items – Share something that is valuable to you and that is in good condition.

I should be grateful for each opportunity that I have to SHARE since it’s the best way to become a less selfish person.
Sharing helps us to make others happy and by making them happy, I become happier, automatically.
Homework: Share something that is important to you with someone that will appreciate it. Have a family conversation on how Sharing makes you feel. (Do not grade this homework, only talk about the results and observations).

You can listen to the song “Sharing”: (It’s in Spanish)

or any other sharing song in English, like this one:

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