Homa Therapy Presentations in Botanical Garden of Trujillo, Peru

 We were called back to Trujillo to continue the presentations and teachings about the benefits of Homa Therapy by Eng. Luis Tafur (photo left).

He is the Municipal Assistant Manager of the green areas in the city of Trujillo.

Photos: The Agnihotra Fire contributes to the healing of the problems and pains of the assistants and also supports Mother Nature with its bountiful flora and fauna and its many beautiful creatures.

During our two-week stay in Trujillo, we shared daily the practice of Homa Therapy, its benefits, its achievements and blessings through video presentations in the city’s Botanical Garden. Hundreds of visitors come every day to learn about nature, plants, animals and enjoy the beautiful park.
(Photos: Trujillo Botanical Garden and Agnihotra sessions in a hut in the middle of it.)

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