Homa Therapy in Santiago, Chile

     These photos and information were sent by Ms. Camila Paz Molina Llamazares about Homa meetings in Chile:

1. Homa Therapy in the Graduation Ceremony of Ayurvedic Therapists 2016.

"At the beginning of the ceremony, the International Ayurveda School ‘AYURVIDA’, celebrated the special occasion with a Vyahruti Homa. The team of teachers, therapists and the public attended a harmonizing meditation with Homa fires."

(See photos left and below.)

2. End of the 2016 Cycle of "Homa Therapy Circles" in Agni Yoga.
"On December 23 was the End of Cycle Circle 2016 of the weekly Homa circles held since the beginning of the year at the Agni Yoga center and school. (Photos below)

In 2016 Agnihotra was carried out 2 to 3 times a week at dawn and dusk, supported by a team of Agnihotris volunteers, who, made this service possible to environmental healing. The team was made up of:

Felipe Valenzuela, Ravidass Kaur, Elena Hernández, Javiera Kovacevic, Josefa Molina, Prabhujas Kaur, Belen, Constanza Morales, Camila Molina, Matias Muñoz, Tamara and Sergio, Victoria Espinosa, Stefano Zacarelli."

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