Homa Therapy in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

     Through Dr. Ashish K Jha, Zoologist, Hislop University, (on the right side), and his student and assistant professor, Dezling Chaitanya Danta (on the left side), Homa Therapy came to Nagpur city. We had met in Indore at an International Conference, where answers to Global Climate Change and its Impacts were sought.

Their interest in sharing Homa Therapy in their home town led them to organize the "Workshop on Homa Therapy  with Agnihotra" for which they had the support of the "Arya Samaj" Group. This 2-day event took place at the Maa Usha Jaiswal Auditorium in Nagpur. In order present Homa Therapy in Human Health and Agriculture, 4 people arrived: Karin Heschl and Arun Anand from Indore and Aleta and Abel from South America.
     There was a press conference right at the time of Agnihotra (see photo below).
 Later we saw several articles in local newspapers announcing this conference.

         As we all arrived the day before the conference, we were invited to attend a "Traditional Agnihotra ceremony", which usually is performed by a trained priest. This was done in the hospital of Dr. Neelam Puniyanii.
(Photos to the right and below.)
This ceremony lasted about half an hour, while offering many different ingredients such as woods, resins, seeds and sweets to the fire. Various and melodious Mantras were sung.

      The previous night we had participated in the opening of a temple/Yoga hall in the Jaripatka area of Nagpur. This Center was a gift for the community by
Mr. Rajesh Lalwani and his wife Deepa

The next day, we met  for the sunrise Agnihotra.
(Photo right, the first two from the left: Mr. Lalwani and Mrs. Deepa, sponsors of the event.)

  At this Center, we performed Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset many times.

     After Agnihotra, Prof. Abel also gave Yoga classes, which we all enjoyed very much.
At noon, we were invited by the Secretary, Mrs. Deepa Lalwani and the Director, Dra. Vandana Khushalani to the girl’s school, ‘Dayanand Arya Kanya  
Mahavidyalaya’, to give a small demonstration of Homa Therapy.

Photo left:
Dr. Vandana -2nd from left,
Dr. Vinod Kumar Ji – 1st from right and Mrs. Deepa Lalwani – 3rd from right.

      The time in the School ‘Dayanand Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya’ went by very quickly, which included doing a Vyahruti Homa.
It was explained how the regular practice of Agnihotra in a school can help young people to improve their concentration, to retain better the teachings and information, to increase harmony, to create an optimum environment for studies in order to get better grades and provide support to teachers.

      Prof. Abel, while showing videos of Homa Therapy, took advantage of the time to do some simple therapeutic exercises while sitting, improving the posture of the attendants and with the breathing exercises, new energy was brought to the audience.
  This can be a call to directors of schools, colleges and universities. to take advantage of Homa Therapy!
 (Photos in the school.)

    In the afternoon, the "Homa and Agnihotra Therapy Workshop" (photo below) was inaugurated with the lighting of several ghee lamps in beautiful candleholders.
Then, several prominences of Arya Samaj took the word, among them Shri Basant Lal Shaw. This was in Hindi language.

Mr. Saurabh Nayak, was a wonderful host, and translated word-by-word the English presentations into Hindi.

    We started our allotted time with a Vyahruti Homa (photo above), followed by an introductory talk on Homa Therapy and health, by Prof. Abel Hernández.
(Photo right)

         Dr. Kamal Narayan Ji also spoke about his perspective on the Homas, and Mr. Arun Anand explained briefly the correct practice of Agnihotra as done in Homa Therapy. Then we performed Agnihotra at the exact time, when the last rays of the sun touched the coordinates of the auditorium. And there was silence.

    The following morning, a group of people had congregated in the auditorium for the practice of morning Agnihotra. ( Photo above) This was followed by a breath meditation and then we were ready to start another beautiful day. For us, it was another opportunity to learn many lessons and share Homa Therapy.
        We presented the subject of "Agnihotra and Human Health" on a deeper level with testimonies, medical reports and scientific data that Prof. Abel and Aleta had obtained in different countries, including India.
 (Photo below during the Homa Health presentation.)

We want to mention and thank, among other wonderful speakers,
Dr. Vinod Kumar Ji,
Dr. Sharma Ji,
Dr. D. K. Belsare Ji,
Dr. Kamal Narayan Ji,
and Dr. Tiwari Ji
for their cooperation provided to Homa Therapy.
 Also a big THANK YOU to the organizers, helpers and all supporters

(Photo right: During the event a ‘Traditional Fire Ceremony’ was presented to the public.)

    Mrs. Karin Heschl (Photo below 1) presented the topic Homa Agriculture through a variety of experiments that had been performed and related their excellent results. She also told her personal experience when Chernobyl’s radioactivity did not affect her Homa farm in Austria, while it did affect the surrounding farms.
    Mr. Arun Anand (Photo below 2)
talked about his experience of having an urban Homa rooftop garden. He showed pictures of a variety of vegetables, herbs, and legumes growing happily, nurtured by Homa energy.
Before evening Agnihotra, Mr. Arun explained in more depth the necessary materials and ingredients and the correct preparation of Agnihotra as practiced in Homa Therapy.

             This wonderful Homa event, organized with such dedication, observing even the smallest details, oriented to serve the community, with an excellent meal for all, truly reached the hearts of the people. There were some sick people attending, who consulted regarding their problems, and received new hope of being able to improve their situations. One was the case of a lady who arrived with her body totally cold and open wounds on her legs. Her diagnoses were diabetes, hypertension, cardiac insufficiency, circulatory problems and pains, she having had two heart operations.
Within two hours of taking Agnihotra ash with water, her body had warmed up, improving blood circulation. And she reported less pain and she was in better mood.

   (Photos above)    At sunset we did Agnihotra, which coincided with the end of the Homa Workshop. We all enjoyed a few minutes of silence, enjoying the purified air and prana entering every cell of our body – calming, harmonizing and healing…
       Agnihotra is for everyone who desires to practice it. It is not necessary to be a priest, to study Mantras for a long time, to belong to a certain group or caste or any other requirement. Just have the right sized pyramid (there are many different ones on the market today), have the ingredients, know the Mantra (4 lines) and download the Internet schedule or calculate the time for your place. – And you are ready to become your own healer!

       After the "Workshop on Homa Therapy with Agnihotra", we decided to stay longer and help establish the Homa Center, teach more, and form a group of Agnihotra practitioners.

We enjoyed sunrise Agnihotra every day, followed by group meditation, a series of therapeutic Yoga exercises and Pranayama.
The young assistant professor and bright Agnihotra practitioner, Dezling Chaitanya Danta, was at all times in attentive service and did the translations very carefully, word-by-word. He always counted on the support of his teacher, Dr. Ashish K Jha.

Groups of people also arrived daily for sunset Agnihotra. They learned this healing technique, witnessed it, received simple guidelines about the use of its healing ash and always took it home to share.

Photos below: Sharing Agnihotra in Nagpur. The Homa family is growing day by day.

      The invitation for an introductory talk on Homa Therapy and its effects in NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute), came through a journalist

and his newspaper article about the "Workshop on Homa Therapy and Agnihotra".
     Dr. Padma Rao, Chief Scientist and Head of Air Pollution Control Division CSIR Nagpur, called a group of professors and researchers to see the presentation on Homa Therapy given by Prof. Abel.
   It would be wonderful if this institute could do air research before and after the practice of Agnihotra from Homa Therapy

     Later, Dra. Padma Rao, and her colleague, Dr. Sadhana Rayalu,
Chief Scientist and Head of the Environmental Materials Division CSIR, took us on a very interesting tour, showing us high technology devices and special machinery, designed for their research purposes.

(Photo to the right: Chaitanya Dante – our guide, Aleta & Abel, Dr. Sadhana Rayalu and Dr. Padma Rao.)

      The invitation to introduce and practice Agnihotra at the Arya Samaj Temple came through the priest, Shree Surendrapal Arya and his wife Karuna Arya, experts in Ayurvedic Fires. Many sick people arrived to this meeting. Some were having  health issues for many years.
Photos above – 1) Introduction to Homa Therapy. 2) from left to right:
Mr. Mahesh Ladharam Israni – our wonderful host; Prof. Abel; Dr. Vinod Kumar and Dr. Ashish K Jha, Homa were supporters in every moment.

The practice of Agnihotra and the instruction to breathe deeply and sing the Mantra ‘Om Shree’, left the mind on standby and we were open to enjoy deeply the atmosphere filled with healing fragrance. Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma gifted us at the end with ‘Yoga of Laughter’ exercises. (Photo right)

     We want to take the opportunity to thank all these wonderful souls we found in Nagpur, supporting Homa Therapy in thousand-and-one ways from their hearts, without expectations. We felt showers of Divine Grace through them at all times.  OM SHREE OM

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