Taller de Agricultura Orgánica Homa en ‘Satsang’ Granja , Curacavi, Chile

La Srta. Karina Ohme comparte desde su granja ‘Satsang’:

   "Se realizó en Satsang, Curacaví un Taller de Agricultura Orgánica Homa dictado por las ingenieras agrícolas Carolina Morales y Paula Heinsohn (Sukhmani), ambas con una amplia trayectoria en Agricultura Agroecológica Homa.

       It was a wonderful meeting. We learned about Homa agro-ecology, the importance of the ‘living’ soil and to maintain and promote the microorganisms that live in it, seed and substrates preparation for a sustainable garden, the necessary biodiversity in organic farming, how to prepare biosol, the organic Homa fertilizer, Agnihotra ash solution and vermicompost solution, among many other details that Sukhmani and Carolina shared with us." 

"The 17 participants also enjoyed a delicious lunch with organic vegetables from the Satsang garden and the workshop ended with a beautiful sunset Agnihotra."

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