Homa Healing Fires in Peru

Practicing Agnihotra and other fires of Homa Therapy in Piura.
The practice of the Homa Healing fires empowers us. We have a tool in our hands to calm, harmonize and illuminate our mind and live and let live in tranquility despite all the tensions that may surround us …

Agnihotra meetings in the park, where there is also the joy of meeting, singing together and sharing with Mother Nature and her elements …
Prayer and meditation in front of the Agnihotra fire with an open heart giving and receiving…

Enjoying the practice and the sharing of Agnihotra in a group setting. Prof. Abel resumed the weekly activity of teaching Homa Mantras in Sanskrit. Also, Homa teachings and Agnihotra practice with guided meditation, etc. continue regularly through internet via ZOOM.

By purifying the atmosphere, we purify the Prana, the vital energy, which pulsates through us and connects us with the Universe.

Experiencing the Peace of the Agnihotra Fire.
Agnihotra is practiced daily in the various districts of the city of Lima.

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