Exciting Developments in Bhrugu Aranya Eco-village, Poland

I am almost at the end of my stay here in Bhrugu Aranya. I have witnessed the results of the inspired continuous effort of maintaining Yajnyas and the dynamic interchange on the part of each member of this close-knit community.

Conscious effort in self-study, ongoing community meetings, sharing areas of responsibility according to the nature of each individual member, and dedication to improving areas of communication between members has resulted in the blossoming of a well-honed working Homa-Organic eco-community.

The added benefit of following exact Guidance given through Paravti from Masters and Light Beings, has created a haven of peace, love and Light which can be felt by everyone who steps foot in this place.

Fuelled by the unfailing dedication to completing the task of grounding and manifesting, the dream of an international and inter-galactic Centre of Light here in Poland, the community here have tirelessly worked towards laying the foundation for the Structure of the “Centre of Light” on both the subtle realms and the physical realm. The community living here consists of a core-group of members from many different countries, supplemented from time to time by visiting Homa international community members as well as “wwoofers” and regular volunteers from all over the world.

Aaron is one of the current visitors here at this time and has again risen to the occasion and with support from community members has completed a beautiful mosaic mandala as a focal vortex of power in the centre of the homa-organic vegetable and herb garden. The sacred geometry executed into the design seems to support the ongoing activity of Devas and Light Beings who tirelessly maintain a never-ending stream of Healing Light energy which permeates this place.


Recent visitors from a more corporate life-style were simply overwhelmed and brought to tears from their experience of the Healing and Light energies pervading BA and also from the mandalas which Parvati had recently completed and hung in her kitchen.

Ongoing diverse activities, offered for guests are music in many forms, composing music, healing by music with the singing bowls and mantra, art work in many forms, doll-making, landscaping, bee-keeping, alternative building modalities, body, mind, and soul healing therapies, animal husbandry, home schooling, herbal lore, organic herb and vegetable growing, mandala drawing, self-development training, regular meetings and discussions for improvement and going forward, regular group gatherings sharing food and ideas. Regular conscious interaction with the Devic realm provides the foundation of the ongoing gardening program, which also receives beneficial vibrations from the yajnyas performed throughout the day in the garden itself.

“Three Points of Light” have been designated for this planet at this time of darkness on our planet. I am here in Poland and thus am sharing my experience about this place. The Centre of Light here in Poland has been slowly coming into manifestation though the efforts of a few devoted light-workers. Much preliminary work has been accomplished with many challenges and obstacles being overcome through group dedication and collectively holding the dream.

Now it is time for the physical building to be built which will be a meeting place and hub where many people from all over the world but especially Europe can be inspired through many interesting and various self-development workshops as well as Vedic lifestyle and healing practices. Opportunity will also be given to learn practical skills on how to survive physically, emotionally and spiritually; how to weather the world changes which are happening now on our beloved planet; how to meet the daily challenges with equanimity; how to be of service to others as well as to the planet through sharing the knowledge of the healing power generated through Agnihotra (Vedic science) practised daily.

I am calling on all Light Workers who understand the urgent need for support for grounding the Centre of Light on a physical level now. It is destined to come into being on this sacred land here in Poland, a protected place of Yajnya, which will permeate the whole planet with Light and Healing energies, providing succour and healing to many.

Financial support is necessary to complete this work. Can you help? Even a small amount from many people will help to complete this task.

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