Children Love Agnihotra


Anthony, from Florida, USA.
He spends a lot of time with his grandma. She taught him how to do Agnihotra.
He is 4 years old.

Mila knows the Fire energy from her mother’s womb and has chosen a Homa family.
Mila and her parents live in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Aaron is from Piura, Peru. He accompanies his father at Agnihotra. His dad learned it too when he was only a boy.

Mila’s father, Fabian Rodriguez wrote the following lines that apply to all children growing up in a Homa atmosphere:
"Here I send you a picture of our Mila, attentive to the Homa fire. She is growing up very healthy and happy in a purified and blessed environment thanks to God and the fires of Agnihotra which we practice daily here in our home."

Photos on the left:
Baby Mayu Sofia is singing with all concen-tration the Mantra "OM SHREE" in front of Agnihotra Fire.

 Photo above and to the right: Antonella began with Homa Therapy through her grandparents at an early age. Now she is 11 years old. She lives in Piura, Peru.

Photo above:
Sara Daniela, 11, is happily practicing Agnihotra.
She lives with her parents in Villavicencio, Colombia.

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