Agnihotra Started at Arsha Vidya Ashram, Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Eng. Vinayak Lokur shares about his visit to Arsha Vidya Ashram:

              "On the auspicious occasion of the Hindu New Year, Agnihotra practice started at Aarsh Vidya Ashram, Belgaum. It was a pleasure interacting with the girls and noting their interest in our ancient traditions and in self-development.

   Recognizing the empowerment that only education can bring, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, initiated the AIM for Seva (All India Movement for Service) whereby the lesser privileged children get access to quality education. This institution is spread across the country with more than 100 student homes and over 600 Sandhya Gurukulams (Ashram Schools), which enables the children to enjoy the finest education in a residential atmosphere with total care.

 I am sure Agnihotra will further energise their living.
Om Shree Om."

(See photos below of the meeting in the Ashram and Mr Vinayak practicing Agnihotra.)

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