Agnihotra Report from Nuevo Colombia, Paraguay

From the Homa group in Paraguay we receive photos weekly as witness to their wonderful and enlightening healing Homa encounters.

More people are joining the practice of this healing technique that shows its effects in all areas.
Mrs. Brigitte shared:
 "I want to tell you something sensational:
I gave my 84-year-old adoptive mother the cream prepared with ghee and Agnihotra ash, because she could hardly walk for the last days, due to her hip pains. Now she jumps like a goat and is happy! I myself also walk better without this intense pain I had. I put Agnihotra ash in everything, in tea, coffee, on top of my bread, in the chickpea stew, on jam…"
Mrs. Francis Perez wrote: "I’m also much better, I’m calmer and I sleep better."

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