Agnihotra in Manhattan, NY

Michelle Balandra writes:
“We had a wonderful Agnihotra meeting. The sunset was beautiful! We did Agnihotra in another park, this time in Manhattan.

Lately, whenever we choose a place where to practice Agnihotra, right before sunset, we have seen a red bird come really close to us. I have seen it like 5 times! It is red like the fire and sooo beautiful. I am sure it is a reminder of the harmony of nature and humans that is established every time we do the Homa fire. Ii is such a beautiful blessing!”
Following photo arrived from Manhattan, NY and was sent by Michelle and Cecibel Balandra.

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  1. Hellow! Family im Heysser a chef from Venezuela, im moving to NY, soon i really want find a place where i do the homaterapy, pls helpme
    thank you so much

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