Agnihotra in Delhi

Before leaving Mother India, we spent a few days in New Delhi with Mother Saroj Malik and her daughter, Akanksha, who was our wonderful hostess. Both organized meetings and presentations for Homa Therapy.
Mrs. Umang, neighbor of Akanksha and now Agnihotra practitioner, also took initiatives to inform people about Homa Therapy in their home and workplace.

Above left: Akanksha
Above right: Meeting at her home
Below: At the home of Mrs. Akilesh Umang.

Mother Saroji teaches Agnihotra in New Delhi. She is the first on the right.

Before leaving New Delhi, there was a nice group of people practicing Agnihotra.
We are grateful for this.

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  1. I live in Brazil, and would like a Homa therapy kit to use on my country-land. I have a friend in Delhi who could bring it to me. Do you sell the kit? Would it be possible to bye on my credit-card, and get it sent to my friends office? Or visit your place and bye it? If not do you know who sell it in Delhi? My friends work is at :
    DHI (India) Water & Environment Pvt Ltd
    206, Ground Floor
    Okhla Industrial Estate
    New Delhi – 110020

    Thank you for a fast answer in order to find my way for him to bring back to me.
    LOVE and respect
    Elsebeth Lessa

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