Agnihotra Goes to Sewadham Ashram, Ujjain, MP, India

            We had the honor of meeting Mr. Sudhir Bhai Goyal, through Sarvajit Paranjpe, during the Somayag in early February 2017 at the Maheshwar Goshala. He invited us to visit his Ashram in Ujjain and teach Agnihotra and the Homa Therapy Fires. The time had come to follow the call of this humble man.
      Guided by Mrs. Vidya Didwania we arrived at the Sewadham Ashram.

  The first impacting impression was that in this Ashram life is treated as it truly is : A precious jewel!
     Photo above: Mr. Sudhir Bhai and his wife Kanta welcoming a baby in the Ashram.
Picture below: Entrance of Sevadham Ashram and a part of the buildings.

    Mr. Sudhir Bhai, and his wife Kanta,
 their daughters,
Monika and Gori
and their collaborators have created
     "a HOME and shelter for life for the poorest of the poor, the most neglected and rejected by most societies –

     the physically and mentally handicapped, dying and indigent people. They arrive from throughout India and are welcomed without discrimination based on caste, creed, sex or religion. Even the last rites are carried out according to the individual’s religious belief system.
     Sewadham Ashram has been operating since 1989 and encourages individuals, corporations and other agencies around the world to actively support and participate in the welfare services being carried out for these residents.
   From an early age, Sudhir Bhai felt his heart beating for the helpless and suffering people on the streets. With surrender, dedication and absolute effort, he has created the Sewadham Ashram, which now houses almost 500 disabled people of all ages.
   Everyone carries his surname; He is a father to all of them. He counts with the unconditional support of his wife Kanta. They make every day maximum efforts to provide food, clothing, attention and everything else to their big family.
     And in this environment, we had the joy of staying and teaching something as powerful as it is Homa Therapy.
IF YOU FEEL THE CALL TO HELP AS A VOLUNTEER IN THE ASHRAM OR WITH A DONATION, please contact for more details: Sudhir Bhai and Kanta Goyal
Please watch this video:

    The Sewadham Ashram has several areas with houses and lodges for men, women, girls, children, a large hospice for women with terminal illnesses, a physical rehabilitation room, an auditorium, etc. And it continues to expand.

   On the tour, showing us the entire Ashram, we also visited the kitchen and dining room, where we were given the opportunity to serve food to the children.
       We also saw the Goshala with over 100 heads of cattle, giving milk to the big family. For Homa Therapy a paradise of dried cow dung cookies and ghee was made in situ.
above: in the men’s ward.
Photo right: in the dining room serving some of the children.
Photos below: 1) Hospice for women with terminal illnesses, where a complete floor is for babies, girls and young women up to 18 years of age.
2) in the cow stable.

3) The walls of the pathways within the Ashram, surrounding each area, are painted with fascinating cheerful designs of many colors, accompanied by trees that give freshness and shade.

      The day began with the teachings about the benefits of Homa Therapy and the practice of Agnihotra. The Goya family and the nurses were the first ones.
 (Photos above and right)
The following morning, Mr. Sudhir Bhai called all children and youth for Agnihotra.

   And yes, of course, there were simple Yoga exercises and lots of joy expressed in laughter and giggles. (Photos below)

      We continued to learn more about the Sewadham Ashram by visiting:
– the physiotherapy room with its therapist and assistant
– the boys area with their bedrooms
– the area of babies, girls and young women.
      Wherever Mr. Sudhir Bhai appears, he receives big hugs and faces light up at his sight.

He is the loving father of all, humbly offering his life to care for them.
Photo above: next to him his eldest daughter, Monika, in the rehab room. Monika is a being with a very big heart and she loves the children. Photos below: Mr. Sudhir Bhai with the girls and disabled in their respective areas. Abel and Aleta enjoying with these special beings of Light.

Officers, nurses, therapists and assistants gathered to learn about some of the effects of Homa Therapy on health. That was through an audio-visual presentation.
(Photo right)
Before the time of Agnihotra, we reviewed the Mantras with the children and visitors. They also did some concentration and willpower increasing exercises with Prof. Abel.
(Photos below)

When sunset arrived, it was like a sigh of the soul, soothing and relaxing all around …
The wind danced softly with the trees, giving a refreshing breeze to our earthly bodies, while the spirit received a bath of Light, healing new and old wounds and regaining the joy of the gift of life.

Thus, we feel the work of the Homa Fires in Sewadham Ashram: supporting, purifying, strengthening, healing the past and illuminating, creating an ideal present day …

Every morning it is a great privilege to celebrate sunrise with the Agnihotra practice.
Then we all sing the Mantra
in front of the flames.
(Photo right)

Followed by a short-guided meditation. After that, Prof. Abel continues with deep and conscious breathing, with Yoga exercises, ending with a complete relaxation. This promotes a healthy, stable and strong body, a sharp, concentrated and balanced mind and a happy and loving heart.
 (Photos on this page)

       We also met two wonderful seniors, young in spirit,  Mr. Gupta and Mr. Tiwari (in the photo above, the two gentlemen dressed in white on the right side). They stay in the Ashram for longer periods and support with their knowledge and service. The Agnihotra Fire immediately spoke to their hearts and when more pyramids arrived, they took with joy and gratitude the task of practicing it at every sunrise and sunset, in the area of the disabled men.

Since the children were on vacation, there were many hours during the day to share with them. We began by teaching the basic Mantras of Homa Therapy, Agnihotra and Tryambakam. Mostly, we were accompanied by Mr. Sudhir Bhai, who was the first and eager to learn everything about Homa Therapy.

His daughters and wife were always ready to help in any situation and especially with the translation. The children could not wait to practice Tryambakam Homa and Agnihotra themselves. And they did it fantastically. 
(Photos this page)

    After so much practice of Tryambakam (which is part of the daily activities) even the strongest took a little unannounced nap.
(Photos above and left)
We also shared short videos of the wonders of our planet, animals on earth, air and water, which left the children happy and in absolute amazement.

Abel told short stories with values about:
truthfulness, nonviolence, compassion, sharing, etc.
  (Gori translated)

(Photo right)

Aleta taught the Preparation of Homa home remedies.
She also showed how to apply the Agnihotra cream with a gentle massage.

Also, the elaboration of the Homa eye drops was demonstrated.
This happened in the presence of the Medical Doctor, the physical therapist, the nurses and Mrs. Kanta with the help of Monika. (Photos below)
              We would like to take the opportunity to thank the private secretary of Sudhir Bhai, Mr. Rakesh, Mr. Sujoy Biswas and many others for always being there, supportive in so many ways. Thank you so much!

     Another beautiful and unique day ended with the teaching of Agnihotra, directed to the visitors and with the practice of this technique so beautiful, powerful and fascinating.
Agnihotra is always ready to surprise in a way that helps everyone. It is as if the energy of the Fire enters the depths of the being, discovering and opening ways for the

Light and Divine Love to flow again, without barriers, freely and exactly where we most urgently need it.(Photos above and left.)

    At sunrise, Agnihotra is renewing and revitalizing the energy of each cell of our body, preparing us to triumph over adversities, taking the most beautiful aspects of each being and reinforcing it. What a Divine Grace!  (Photo below)

 Photos: Each resident of the Ashram receives daily Agnihotra healing ash in the food.
 In addition, Agnihotra cream is used for all skin problems, swellings, joint pains, wounds, etc. People with eye, nose or ear problems receive eye drops. Children love to receive Agnihotra ash directly after Agnihotra.
                       Photos below: Enjoying Yoga in the morning classes.

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