Scientists Can Set Up Experiments

Following is an excerpt from the book “Homa Therapy – Our Last Chance” by Vasant V. Paranjpe.

Scientists have already made a beginning with some of these suggestions.

Ancient science tells us that there is a sound which emanates from Agnihotra pyramid.

Scientists should begin looking at Agnihotra with respect to its ability to neutralize pathogenic bacteria.
Effect of Agnihotra on Aerial Microflora

Scientists can test Agnihotra performed using no vessels, different shaped vessels, different shaped vessels of copper.

People with professional backgrounds can easily document the surprising effect of Agnihotra atmosphere on the neurological system of man.

Birds are another possibility for experimentation. The quality of the voice of birds improves in Agnihotra atmosphere. The song of birds becomes bright and clear. By experiments with birds one could measure the effects of YAJNYA on living organism. It is the birds now that are feeling tremendous effects from pollution. It will restore the oils that pollution has depleted from their feathers.

The scientist will wonder how Agnihotra ash does what it does. Now miracles happen when this ash comes into contact with something. Scientists should not look at it quantitatively but qualitatively. What are the results from putting the ash with something? Then when they look at the results and think of the whole process they will understand it is Grace operating.

Scientists will want to conduct many experiments with YAJNYA. We may do two types to begin with. Rainmaking YAJNYAS for example. Thus they can see immediate physical results. Then the SOMA YAJNYA.
Scientific Studies on Somayag, Maheshwar

In the rainmaking YAJNYAS we want them to test the quality of the rain, the effects of the rain and all that goes into the performance of the YAJNYA.

Pyschotherapists can conduct experiments with troubled children and HOMA. It will give lasting results.

The scientists can go to a farm with a poor soil. We can help them set up round the clock YAJNYA preferably on autumn equinox. The YAJNYA should go on for one year. Before the YAJNYA they should test the soil to determine what elements are deficient. Then test it periodically. After one year the soil will be good. Things are such now that first year they could plant crops like corn that deplete the soil. They will get good yield and still the soil will improve.
Agnihotra ash increases the water-soluble phosphorus extracted from the soil.
Application of Agnihotra Ash for Enhancing Soil Fertility

When Agnihotra ash is put into water at the source of a body of water, the water becomes energized and it begins to take on healing properties.
Effect of Homa Therapy on Water Quality Purification

The effect of Agnihotra atmosphere and Agnihotra ash on diseased plants can be noticed easily.

Experiments in plant breeding in Agnihotra atmosphere will open the doors to the ancient science of YAJNYA, i.e. the science of HOMA Therapy as given through Vedas.

One can easily see the effect of HOMA on plants. With plants we can be more controlled. We can use methods of photography, Kirlian photography or normal to illustrate the reactions of the plants to Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash medicines. It will be a breakthrough when the scientist applies Agnihotra medicines to a plant to study the effects. Plants will be shown to be benefitted by Agnihotra atmosphere and Agnihotra ash medicines.
Effect of Agnihotra on the Yield and Quality of Horticulture Crops
Biochemical Efficacy of Homa Organic Farming in Soybean Crop
Impact of Integrated Organic Crop Management on Productivity of Medicinal Plant Based System

Certain varieties of herbs now become extinct. There is a qualitative change in all plant life now. Agnihotra atmosphere can restore potency to medicinal plants. Experiments should be done in this respect.

A measure of how bad things are can be observed in plants and animals. They are much less sophisticated organisms than man. We can use them to show the effects of Agnihotra because of a lack of complexity in their makeup.

We can try an experiment. In the spring put Agnihotra ash around the fruit trees. Then make a paste with Agnihotra ash and ghee and coat the base and the trunk of the fruit tree with this substance. It should make the tree more disease-resistant and also should keep the insects away. This can be done several times during the season. They should record these results.

We suggest an experiment with fish:
Take two fish tanks. Put some Agnihotra ash in the water in the first tank only and not in the second. Put some fish from the same stock in both tanks. It will be found that in the tank containing Agnihotra ash:
(a) Growth of bacteria is controlled.
(b) Growth of algae is controlled.
(c) Necessity of changing water becomes less. Water stays clearer longer. Necessity for changing tank or using filter become less.
(d) Fish become more brilliant in color. Number and size of offspring become greater.
Therapeutic Application of Agnihotra Ash on Wound-Healing in Goldfish

One can put Agnihotra ash in the food given to goats. Then one can test the milk and cheese.

One can try the Agnihotra ash with cow feed. Test the milk, test the ghee (clarified cow’s butter). Then test the ash which comes from this dung and ghee.

Place a piece of gold and copper in front of Agnihotra pyramid prior to performing Agnihotra. Test the copper and gold before this for purity and imperfection. Then perform Agnihotra using the rice as we have prescribed. Then again after Agnihotra meditation test the gold and copper. Tell us the results.

Test the Agnihotra ash with an oscilloscope. There is a sound that comes from the ash. It is this sound that heals. All the other physical things are there, such as nutrients, vitamins, minerals. But the key is the sound. One subtle enough to detect can show this.