Rays of Hope

Farmers in India are committing suicide in increasing numbers due to being caught in the debt spiral which is caused by the ever-increasing costs of inputs required in conventional agro-chemical farming. Last year (2010) 68,000 farmers took their lives in Maharastra state alone. Today this crisis has become an international concern. A positive outlook and the will to persevere are fast decreasing among the Indian agricultural community.

“Rays of Hope,” a short film by Mary Lee Weir, documents a small group of organic farmers in Kerala, South India, who have taken a unique step toward self-sustainability. They have created what they call a “Noah’s Ark”, which is a Homa Organic Farming Complex that unites small organic farmers together to cover an area of up to 200 acres.

These Christian Farmers of Jose Giri in Kerala, India are aiming to become self-sufficient in food and medicine using Ancient Vedic Techniques for healing the atmosphere.