Discplines Associated with Agnihotra

  • Exact timing of Agnihotra is of vital importance. Time sheets can be obtained from local certifying body or here
  • It is better to take bath and put on clean clothes before doing Agnihotra and other Homas but if not possible then at least wash hands, feet and mouth.
  • Avoid unnecessary talk around the pyramid (magnifies the energy).

Menstrual Period Discipline

  • For 4 days from the commencement of the menstrual period or until flow of blood ceases, ladies should abstain from practice of Agnihotra and other HOMAS.
  • This is a time of cleansing for the woman.
  • The woman can spend more time in meditation and others can prepare food for her.
  • Also, she need not work in the garden as the energy may affect the plants.
  • These practices are a part of many ancient cultures, including native American cultures, Jewish culture, etc.