Agnihotra and The Spiritual Ecologist

Agnihotra and The Spiritual EcologistAs I sit still and look out across the gardens and fields, there is so much going on! The sights, the smells, the sounds, the fragrant flowers being warmed by the early morning heat of the sun, the bees busy with their daily activity, the singing of birds, the flapping of wings, the buzzing of a multitude of insects.

Beyond the fields, a forest of lush green trees is swaying in the breeze. So much life, so much dependence on one another, and everything stands in delicate balance – layer upon layer upon layer of mutuality and interconnectedness – the sun, the seasons, the rain. The wildlife, earthworms, microbes and fungi. Life, decay, rebirth.

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Bhrugu Aranya International Eco-Village Community in Poland

When I was a school boy I remember the other boys and I were talking about what we would do if there was a nuclear war. Everyone else agreed that they would rather die than survive and try to live in the aftermath of such a war. I, on the other hand, felt strongly that I would want to survive and live. There has always been a strong sense of survival in me, and the belief that a better world can be created and will be created.

I was born 2 months premature, and I guess that strong sense of survival, that determined will to live, was born in me then and carried me through that delicate time into today.When I was 28 years old, I remember climbing up towards El Chalten, a famous 3,400 meter high mountain landmark in the Patagonian region of Argentina. I was working at the time as a Tour Leader in the southern countries of South America, and I was entering a time in my life when my heart began to yearn for a new way of living, seeking like-minded people who shared a similar vision. I began to know that the only way forward for me was to live in a community. In fact, I intuitively knew that the future of this planet lay in the recreation of intentional communities, where a new lifestyle and vision for the future could be possible. You see, as I looked around and saw the ails of the planet – the pollution, the fear, the politics, the media, the ruthless corporations, the genetically engineered foods, the pharmaceutical businesses, the unfulfilled lives – I knew that a new way of living was vital, and the idea of organic intentional communities blossomed in my heart and soul.

As I climbed up El Chalten, surrounded by majestic mountain beauty and pristine valleys but overcome by the state of the planet, I reached the highest part of the mountain path that led to a small still lake, and there sat down and prayed, or rather, I made a contract between me and my maker. I once again became determined that I would survive, that a new world could be created and that I wanted to be a part of it. I asked for help to do so, and I surrendered to that purpose.

Within a couple of weeks I had the opportunity to take a giant step towards that goal by first learning the healing fire Agnihotra in Chile. I continued to practice this Vedic fire daily, and returned to London, a place far away from that healthy, organic lifestyle I was searching for! I had half a mind to return to Peru to start a farm in the country of my birth, but I had heard of a community in Poland that was based around Homa Therapy practices, that is, the application of Agnihotra in gardening/farming, healing, psychotherapy and ecological rejuvenation of the environment. After getting in contact with them I was invited to visit.

I shall never forget how, one evening in April 2000, I first winded my way up the foothills of the Tatra mountain area of southern Poland. There was a sense of anticipation, and after driving on a dirt track through forest and meadows with Jarek Bizberg, one of the founders of the community, I arrived at dusk, stepped out of the car and heard this amazing sound; it was the crescendo of hooting owls resounding in the forest around me. Strangely, on my travels I had often seen owls wherever I stayed, and began to believe in some cosmic way that I had some connection to them! What, I don’t really know. Here there were literally hundreds hooting in the forest and of course, not knowing better, I thought it was a normal occurrence here. Actually, after being here 11 years now, I have never heard the like again. I like to believe that I was being welcomed.

I was led through an old enchanting apple and plum orchard to a traditional rustic mountain log cabin and into a kitchen warmed by a cooking range with a large pot of soup simmering on its cast iron top. There I was welcomed by the community members. I looked at their friendly bright eyes, their healthy glowing skin, and saw a group of like minded people, bonded by shared experiences and united in a common vision, and I knew in my heart of hearts, I had finally arrived home.

Bhrugu Aranya Eco-village is like no other place. It has been said that it is Poland’s best kept secret, which is a shame as we would like as many people as possible to discover it and experience a taste of life here. Why is it so special? Not only is the land magical, but the atmosphere here is suffused with the high vibrations of Agnihotra and other healing fires that are performed daily to purify the atmosphere, neutralizing the effects of pollution and radiation in the air, soil and water. Nature is nourished and returns to balance and all life thrives in this supercharged environment.

The tapestry of life here is woven together by us, but the thread that holds everything together is the science of Agnihotra. There is no greater tool for community living, and also family living. It creates a healthful environment that helps heal the planet, protecting one from the damaging effects of pollution and radiation that constantly bombard us. Because of this we are able to grow disease free nutritious crops and super medicinal herbs for the community and for sale.

Then, Agnihotra also rectifies the prana in the atmosphere, the substance called Chi by the Chinese, which has a calming effect on the mind and veers it towards positive thought patterns. In a community this helps to maintain harmony and keeps us positive and creative.

When you come to visit Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage, you will find yourself rising up before dawn and walking up the stone steps past Mother Mary’s Pond, through the magical orchard and wild flowers to reach the Deva Garden, where guests sit to share in the healing effects of morning Agnihotra fire. Here organic vegetables and herbs are grown in beautiful concentric circle beds to supply the vegetarian community with nutritious food grown using Agnihotra and Homa Therapy methods.

If you come during one of our experience weeks, you will likely meet our community and join in the daily work in the gardens – planting, weeding, harvesting. You may help prepare food or join in the many projects that are always on going. You may wander down for a moment of peace and contemplation around Mother Mary’s pond, or meander around the labyrinthine paths of the Medicinal Herb Garden, where you may run into a laughing child playing within its spirals. The forests around us may entice you into its folds, rejuvenating your spirit with its sounds and smells and soothing you with its lush green vegetation.

We have worked hard at creating a community and it is a continuing process. We have learnt the importance of communication, the fulfilling nature of service, and the joy of creating a wonderful lifestyle for ourselves and the children who are fortunate to be living here. Yes, each individual and family have had periods of hardship and difficulty, but we support each other emotionally and spiritually, and we become stronger and more harmonious because of these personal or collective experiences. Today, I believe we can boast a little and say we have a thriving, successful and happy community that is ready to welcome you for a visit.

We are an international community of 15 permanent members that include artists, musicians, healers, gardeners, herbalists, authors, film makers, mothers, fathers, grandfathers and children. Between us we speak Polish, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and French. But the true community size includes many people close to our hearts who are around the world living and spreading the life and knowledge of an intentional Homa lifestyle for free.

With this community a seed has been planted. A seed that will grow into a vast tree, and each branch is another community with its own growth, producing its own fruits, but nourished through the earth by the same trunk, extending its branches high towards the sky to receive the light, for the health and good of the tree. I know this is the first of many communities, and each community will have its soul family, its own character, its own purpose. Equally I know that Agnihotra and Homa Therapy can be crucial for the survival and harmony of all these communities.

Yes, I have a vision. We have a vision, you and us. And it is no longer that a new age will be created, it is being created.

As a community we are embarking on our grandest enterprise, a dream we have had for some time but which is rapidly gaining momentum. It is time now to build a Center of Light, where a greater number of guests can stay to experience our ecovillage and learn Agnihotra, where we can offer workshops on Homa communities, gardening, Agnihotra ash and Homa Herb medicines, mandala art therapy, vegetarian and wild food cuisine, yoga and much more. It will be built using natural and ecological materials, and will become a hub of our community where we can better offer all our services and expand the knowledge of Homa Therapy. Donations are gratefully accepted to help bring this necessary dream into fruition. If you would like to make a donation or wish to know more about our community and Agnihotra then please visit the website

Bhrugu Aranya welcomes guests who are truly interested in experiencing our community. Please phone or email if you wish to visit us.

Deva Herb Workshop at Bhrugu Aranya, Poland

Mother Earth created herbs as a natural medicine chest for all beings that inhabit this planet. In ancient times, man was led by instinct and knew exactly which herbs to use.

In modern times where contact with Nature has been lost, our natural inner wisdom and intuition has also been forgotten. Yet the healing plants continue to live in the pastures, forests and gardens. Let us recognize them again and learn to use the amazing bounty of Nature.
Our first Homa Herb Workshop was held at Bhrugu Aranya Homa Farm this July. The workshop was led by Asia, my wife, and myself, in our recently-built straw bale house in our community. For ten years we have been growing Homa Herbs and gaining practical experience in their medicinal uses.

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