Activations & Cleansings

An activation is a subtle process to awaken and release healing energies locked in the soil, stones, trees and water at ancient sacred sites. Our activations all begin with Fire. If it is at sunset, we perform Agnihotra; if not, we begin with Vyahruti Homa, followed by other specific Sanskrit mantras. Each activation is individual, guided in the moment.

Cleansings are also a subtle process beginning with Homa Fire. Their purpose is to cleanse and release energies which have been locked up in the soil, stones, trees and water at certain sites where massacres and atrocities have taken place usually during the time of war. At the same time these subtle processes also provide a release for certain souls who have become trapped at these sites during the time of these massacres or atrocities.

We have completed several activations and cleansings in Poland and the US.

Cleansings in Polish Concentration Camps
Cleansings of US Civil War Sites of Slave Massacres
Northern Poland Stone Circle Activations