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The following introduction was written by Shree Vasant as an introduction to the book "Satsang - Volume 1" published in 1976 which comprised the first 24 issues of the Satsang newsletter which themselves were first published between May 1973 and May 1974. It is still as relevant or maybe even more relevant today.

"The sun has risen on a new era. What Yogis fail to achieve by incarnations of efforts, the common man will get with little effort. The planet appears to be infused with an influx of energy which makes the ascent to Divine consciousness facile. LOVE, the powerful energy that purifies the mind, seems to sprout all around us. Amidst intense greed, hatred, jealousy, pride and passion that have engulfed the human race this powerful energy appears to manifest in the least expected quarters. You cannot blame a sapling for not being a tree but this is a sapling which grows fast and proliferates profusely. It seems that there is a big conspiracy by the Divine hierarchy to uplift all of us and howsoever bad we may try to become we are not going to succeed. The seals on ancient wisdom have been broken open and the gamut of knowledge is brought within the reach of the common man.

"Vasant received a Divine command to go all over the planet, starting with the United States and teach total KRIYA YOGA which is the Fivefold Path. He was told that from the United States the message would spread all over the planet. For the first time in known history simple AGNIHOTRA, the process to remove tension on the mind which comes due to polluted atmosphere, was made available to the common man. This comes from the ancient Vedic Science of bioenergy based on biorhythms.

"It is better to rely on a scientist than a priest who talks about the Kingdom of God but knows nothing about it. The scientist at least knows what he is talking about and recognizes the limitations of the human reason. When the principle of indeterminacy was recognized by the physicist, he started talking about 'observer dependent universe' This is the biggest breakthrough which will lead the scientist to the heart of Vedic knowledge, the ancientmost storehouse of knowledge known to man.

"SAT means TRUTH ETERNAL. SANG means company. Thus 'SATSANG' means company of those who have seen REALITY that underlies all manifestation. In common parlance, SATSANG means 'company of holy people'. 'SATSANG' is published from Parama Dham (House of Almighty Father), Madison, Virginia.

"The first issue of 'SATSANG' saw the light of day on May 17th, 1973. May 17th is the day on which Jesus gave his famous Sermon on the Mount. May 17th is the day on which Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot, India, was born. Resuscitation of the Fivefold Path of the Vedas is the allotted task of this Avatar (Divine Messenger). The energy cycle of the planet is upset. It has to be reset and His will be done.

"The Fivefold Path is the basis of the teachings of all Prophets, Divine Messengers, Paigambars, Saints and Gurus.
"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2) is the method of the Fivefold Path. Happiness dawns when the reactions of the mind to outside circumstances change. Destiny is going to bring about various events in the life of each one of us. What is then left to us? How to view these events, how to react to these events is the training given through the Fivefold Path.

"'SATSANG' is merely the instrument. Knowledge spreads by Divine will. Anyone who cares to study this volume of 'SATSANG' will find herein simple methods for attaining happiness and contentment in life, methods which are within the reach of the average person. A little practice of the Fivefold Path will bring a rich dividend in terms of peace and bliss.

"We wish to make it explicitly clear that the Fivefold Path is not a sect. We do not wish to open a new shop. We wish to tell you that you can look to the depth of the waters through your own window. Once you get a glimpse of the depth you will come to know that the depth view is the same whichever way you look at it. "We might have been born in any religion but let us not die in it." Let us outgrow religion and dive deep into spirituality. Hence, we make bold to say that from now on it is the scientist who will show us the way.

"By practice of the Fivefold Path you become a better Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Jain, whatever be your formal religious label or whosoever be your Guru. You may be an atheist or an agnostic; it does not matter. You believe only what you experience. If you dare to take the attitude of a scientist you will derive much benefit from this book."

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