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Messages from Shree Vasant

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Messages from Shree Vasant

Harmony, Understanding, Caring, Kindness, Unity

There needs to be more effort toward harmony, more effort toward understanding, more effort toward caring, and kindness towards others. Change the focus to the positive. No one is better than the next. No one higher, no one lower. No one right. No one wrong. In HIS eyes all are one. We need to learn to see as He sees. All are one.

Inside There is a Treasure Chest

Things are getting much worse for everyone. Now more and more crime is there, not just in cities. Even peaceful rural areas will report increase in crime. People's minds are more and more troubled.

Homa - Antidote to Violence

Political structures as we know them are crumbling. Leaders are being exposed as corrupt. Governing bodies are driven by greed. In such a worldwide political climate violence is being bred in every strata of society. Violence is becoming more and more abundant. However the fact remains that it is "truly the meek who shall inherit the earth".

Messages from Shree Vasant - Mantra for Self-Development

All the time have Mantra on your lips, all the time. Do not become thrown to and from every day by troubles in life. At least say, "For this trouble I am deeply grateful, as this is my Karma and it shall no longer anger me, but humble me." Then the whole thing changes. You can reverse your negative life Karma. Try it.

Message of Shree Vasant - Homa Therapy to Begin the Process of Self-Healing

HOMA Therapy is a way one can begin the process of self-healing and assist people in breaking down barriers to success, good health and inner wisdom. We offer Homa Therapy to continue the process of self-healing. Thus power is given back to the individual and there is no dependency either on chemical drugs, therapists or expensive therapies. The person has the tools in hand to achieve self-healing through practice of ancient Vedic healing fires.
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