Agnihotra Workshops at Homa Farm in Tenjo, Colombia

Mrs. Maria Teresa Nuñez  wrote from her Homa Farm in Tenjo:
           "Every Monday, at 5pm, we offer the basic workshops on how to perform the Homa fires, as well as how to prepare medicines with the Agnihotra ash and how to use this healing ash in our daily lives. With this knowledge we are able to fill all the space of our material, mental and emotional life with the harmonizing Homa energy." Continue reading “Agnihotra Workshops at Homa Farm in Tenjo, Colombia”

Full Moon Om Tryambakam Homa at Granja Homa in Tenjo, Colombia

The 12-hour Om Tryambakam Homa this October full moon was a success and the day was filled with very good energy and fluidity. During evening Agnihotra we had seven simultaneous fires, including 4 in the columns of the cardinal points Homa Farm. Put the next new moon in your plans, we would love you to join us. Continue reading “Full Moon Om Tryambakam Homa at Granja Homa in Tenjo, Colombia”

Firing the Grid – Agnihotras around the World on September Equinox, 2013

On September 21 & 22, 2013 Agnihotra practitioners from around the globe participated in a network of Agnihotra being performed on the September Equinox. The aim was to create a grid of Sacred Fires or ‘firing the grid’ and to ideally have two waves of Agnihotra fires moving around the planet (one for sunrise, one for sunset).
We received many responses from people all over the world informing their coordinates. We were amazed to find every continent represented, and people from Alaska to Africa, from Europe to U.S.A., Australia to Russia, Japan to Hawaii. There were more than 450 Meridiens of Longitude represented with Agnihotra Fires in more than 50 countries. There may have been more that we were unaware of. Continue reading “Firing the Grid – Agnihotras around the World on September Equinox, 2013”

Rudra Yajnya at Homa farm in Tenjo, Colombia

Maria Teresa Nunez wrote from her Homa farm in Tenjo:
“I’m sending you some photos of the Rudra Yajnya, which was headed by Julian Acosta at the summer solstice and the full moon of July 8th on the Tenjo Homa farm.

It is very beautiful to see how people respond and come to the Homa fires from Bogota on a weekday. People understand that the power of the Homa fires is enormous and they know that no effort is too big in order to receive its wonderful blessings.” Continue reading “Rudra Yajnya at Homa farm in Tenjo, Colombia”

“Fenix” Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts, Calarcá, Quindio, Colombia

During March we visited the “Fenix” Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts in Calarcá, Quindio.

Here, the Agnihotra flames emanate a lot of light and surprise us with their strength. Agnihotra calms the mind, soothes the aches and the painful memories of these young people.

Sharing Agnihotra with the group of young people from “Fenix”. The Homa volunteer, Franklin Cerinza, (2nd from right) arrived from Bogota to offer his support. Franklin has been practicing Agnihotra regularly for several years and has many experiences.