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Why receipts and greasy fingers shouldn’t mix.

An order of French fries may be bad for your health in ways that extend well beyond the outsize calorie count. According to a new study by scientists at the University of Missouri, people who used hand sanitizer, touched a cash register receipt and then ate French fries were quickly exposed to high levels of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical widely used to coat receipt paper.
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Report: Fracking companies use loophole to avoid permits for dangerous chemicals.

Federal laws meant to keep drinking water safe require fracking companies to get a permit before using diesel fuel in the drilling process. But a loophole in the law allows many oil and gas companies to inject the same toxic chemicals during fracking without a permit, according to a report released today by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Environmental Integrity Project.
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Asthma complaints increase in wake of East Harlem explosion.

A nonprofit health group in East Harlem says a sharp increase in referrals to its asthma program in the wake of last spring’s gas explosion in the neighborhood is raising concerns that the blast hurt the respiratory health of some residents.
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Maryland poultry farms fined for reporting lapses.

Nearly one in five large Maryland chicken farms has been fined recently, state regulators have disclosed, because the growers failed to file information required annually outlining what they did to keep their flocks' waste from polluting the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.
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Fracking companies using toxic benzene in drilling.

Some oil and gas drillers are using benzene, which can cause cancer, in the mix of water and chemicals they shoot underground to free trapped hydrocarbons from shale rock, an environmental watchdog group said Wednesday.
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Will coal exports kill the Great Barrier Reef?

Stretching along the Queensland coast, the Great Barrier Reef is an underwater wonderland home to thousands of different fish and coral species. But it is facing multiple threats – from the crown-of-thorns to extreme weather and increased carbon in the atmosphere. And environmentalists say there's another major threat: coal.
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China's coal use falls for first time this century, analysis suggests.

The amount of coal being burned by China has fallen for the first time this century, according to an analysis. China’s booming coal in the last decade has been the major contributor to the fast-rising carbon emissions that drive climate change, making the first fall a significant moment.
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Israel’s environmental health shows progress, but has much room for improvement, experts find.

While Israel may have "an impressive array" of air quality monitoring stations throughout the country, the country's indoor air quality remains largely unregulated and demands more attention, a leading American toxicologist concludes in a new Health Ministry report.
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Environmental groups ask EPA to study drinking water pollution from Wisconsin dairies.

Citing a rash of contaminated wells in Kewaunee County, a coalition of environmental groups on Wednesday petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to use its emergency authority to investigate pollution of groundwater from dairy manure.
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West Virginia chemical maker wary after ‘near-catastrophic’ fracking incident.

As the Tomblin administration considers a plan to allow natural gas drilling under the Ohio River, a major chemical maker in Marshall County has been fighting a proposal for hydraulic fracturing near its plant, citing a “near-catastrophic” gas-well incident last year that may be linked to geologic conditions beneath the river.
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DEP revokes water lab’s certification after guilty plea.

West Virginia regulators have revoked the state certification for a Raleigh County laboratory, following the guilty plea of a lab supervisor who admitted he and other employees falsified coal industry samples so mining operations would appear to be in compliance with water pollution standards.
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Critics of Dow herbicide sue US EPA over approval.

A coalition of U.S. farmer and environmental groups filed a lawsuit on Wednesday seeking to overturn regulatory approval granted last week for an herbicide developed by Dow AgroSciences.
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Milk grown in a lab is humane and sustainable. But can it catch on?

The world's first test-tube hamburger has already been synthesized and cooked at a cost of more than $300,000. Now a pair of young bioengineers in Silicon Valley are trying to produce the first glass of artificial milk, without a cow and with the help of genetically-engineered yeast.
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Controversial chemical may leach into skin from cash receipts.

Touching cash register receipts can dramatically increase your body's absorption of a potentially dangerous chemical, bisphenol A (BPA), researchers report. The chemical is found in products ranging from plastic water bottles and food-can linings. It is also used as a print developer in thermal paper for airline tickets and store and ATM receipts, according to the researchers.
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Chemicals used to make till receipts could raise the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Alarming research suggests that a substance used to produce paper in store tills, credit card machines and ATMs could be absorbed into the blood stream. Researchers say the chemical bisphenol-A - widely known as BPA - can disrupt hormones, raising the risk of a wide number of health problems.
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What the Pentagon knows about climate change.

Ebola and the Islamic State and all the summer's succession of worrisome problems have at least one thing in common: None constitutes a grave threat to our national survival. All are, to one degree or another, manageable. There was, on the other hand, some little-noted news during the last week that was genuinely scary.
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Coal plant plan seems depressingly familiar for Waukegan, Illinois.

Companies that profited while their pollution impacted lives and spoiled the environment ruined the Waukegan’s lakefront for a century. The trade of shortened lives for jobs no longer seems so worth the risk.
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Airing concerns about sports in smoggy China.

When the starter's gun sounded for the 34th annual Beijing International Marathon on Sunday, air pollution measured 20 times worse than what the World Health Organization considers safe to breathe. Anywhere else in the world, this would have been a scandal worthy of collective soul-searching.
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BP offers a lesson in how to sugarcoat an environmental disaster.

BP has an obvious corporate interest in treating the oil spill as yesterday's news. It's not. BP has been adjudicated the legally responsible party for the Deepwater Horizon disaster. It's a litigant facing billions of dollars in claims and penalties.
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San Francisco declares: every whale and dolphin has the right to be free

The Ecologist Magazine - 1 hour 38 min ago
If SeaWorld is looking to build a new park in California, it will be steering well clear of San Francisco, writes Laura Bridgeman. Following a campaign backed by scientists and hundreds of high school students, the City has declared cetaceans' right to be free and 'unrestricted in their natural environment'.
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