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Huge 400 page scientific report concludes marijuana effectively treats chronic pain

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 04:08
(NaturalNews) A new 400-page analysis of more than 10,000 marijuana studies concluded that marijuana is effective for treating chronic pain, relieving multiple sclerosis symptoms and alleviating the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. The report, released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine on January 12, is the first since 1999 to take...

These incredible plants were used by Native Americans to cure illness

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 04:05
(NaturalNews) Native American medicine is something that many people hold in high regard. Their traditional techniques and natural remedies are truly something to marvel at. Every Native American tribe has its own unique approach. The Cherokee, a tribe indigenous to the Southeastern United States, believed that the “Creator” gave them the gift of being able...

Small-scale charity movement sweeping the nation with mini food pantries being hosted in people's yards

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 04:00
(NaturalNews) The community food bank concept is taking a whole new form in many American towns, where a growing number of families are opting to set up tiny food pantries on their front lawns offering free food and personal goods to folks in need. Similar in appearance to those little library boxes that offer books...

Identity theft using selfies: Your fingerprint can now be stolen from your pictures

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 03:56
(NaturalNews) If you like to display the peace sign when posing for pictures or selfies, there’s a new strategy you should employ, effective immediately. Make sure the back, or fingernail side of your hand is displayed, and not the fingerprint side. If you are featured in any online photos where you are exposing your fingerprint,...

Family of deadly and highly drug-resistant bacteria spreads faster than scientists believed possible

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 03:53
(NaturalNews) A family of highly drug-resistant and potentially deadly bacteria may be spreading more widely—and more stealthily—than previously thought, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. (Article by Researchers examined carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) causing disease in four U.S. hospitals. They...

Breitbart, Natural News and InfoWars surpass 6 million likes on Facebook, the social media network that censors all three sites

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 03:50
(NaturalNews) While the so-called ‘mainstream media’ continues to self-destruct by publishing fake news and creating false narratives about President-elect Donald J. Trump, the alternative media is surging ahead and quickly becoming the new “mainstream,” go-to media for Americans. In the past year, Natural News “likes” on Facebook have surged, with our site surpassing 2.07 million....

Dandelion root, a cancer cell killer, has a long history as medicine

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 03:28
(NaturalNews) The roots, leaves and flowers of the dandelion plant are a potent and healthy herbal medicine, although folks might think those yellow dots popping up in their landscape are just nuisance weeds. Not so, as reported by, who emphasizes that the botanical name for dandelion – Taraxacum officinal – aptly describes its medicinal potential. Taraxacum translates into an “inflammation curative.” Officinal means that the lowly dandelion...

Fake food vs real food: American grocery stores offer a wide variety of... chemicals, toxins and dangerous foods

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 01:16
(NaturalNews) You probably know that there’s a world of difference between packaged foods and real foods. After all, most packaged foods wouldn’t be shelf stable without the inclusion of chemical preservatives and highly processed ingredients. What may surprise you is that many of the foods in the supermarket that look “real” — dairy, meat and...

NYT finds a new way to print fabricated news about Trump: Run a slew of smears and call them "unverified"

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 01:14
(NaturalNews) The New York Times is engaging in some alternate methods of reporting by using unverified information to crank out stories that paint President-elect Donald Trump in a negative light. The latest slew of unverified smears relates to an alleged dossier of information that could potentially tie Trump and his team to Russia. While it’s...

Mainstream media dug their own graves with 'fake news' propaganda

Natural News - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 01:12
(NaturalNews) When their Anointed One lost the election, big television news networks and primary newspapers coined the term “fake news” because they were angry at alternative media for eroding deep into their domain. It was time to expose these fakers because audiences were fleeing to alternatives to establishment media as certainly as they fled to...

The 10 Best Reasons to Get Outside this Winter

EarthEasy Blog - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 23:17
Are you spending winter indoors? You may be missing out on some important benefits of getting outside this season.
Categories: Ecological News

Birds of a feather flock together to confuse potential predators

ENN Climate - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 19:33
Scientists from the Universities of Bristol and Groningen, in The Netherlands, have created a computer game style experiment which sheds new light on the reasons why starlings flock in massive swirling groups over wintering grounds.A mumeration can hold many thousands of starlings but the reasons why they put on these amazing displays are not well understood.
Categories: Ecological News

VIDEO: Flint frustrated a year after Snyder’s ‘fix it’ promise.

Environmental Health News - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 19:30
As the Republican governor prepares Tuesday for his seventh annual address to state lawmakers, bottled and filtered water continue to be the norm in the beleaguered city.
Categories: Ecological News

Federal government vows action on mercury contamination in Grassy Narrows ‘once and for all.'

Environmental Health News - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 19:30
Working with provincial and First Nations leaders, Ottawa will address mercury contamination that has plagued Grassy Narrows for decades, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says.
Categories: Ecological News

China’s local weather bureaus ordered to stop issuing smog warnings … but new alert system not yet in place.

Environmental Health News - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 19:30
Move meant to clarify responsibility among agencies may cause public confusion, expert says.
Categories: Ecological News

Expert: Many plastic food wrappers and containers unsafe.

Environmental Health News - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 19:30
The Government should look into the use of paper wrappers for foodstuff to replace the plastics used now, a toxicologist said.
Categories: Ecological News

Turnbull backs cleaner coal for hitting renewable target.

Environmental Health News - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 19:30
Australia should be a world leader in demonstrating that carbon emissions can be lowered by replacing ageing electricity generators with new and emerging technologies to produce cleaner coal, Malcolm Turnbull has declared.
Categories: Ecological News

Chinese tourists seek ‘lung cleansing’ trips to Antarctica and Iceland as smog worsens.

Environmental Health News - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 19:30
The growing issue of air pollution in China has caused several of its residents to plan “smog escapes” in search of clean air in far-flung places such as Iceland and Antarctica.
Categories: Ecological News

London toxic smog alert issued for next three days in 'public health emergency.'

Environmental Health News - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 19:30
Mayor Sadiq Khan today put London on toxic air alert for at least three days.
Categories: Ecological News

Families say contamination in Laurel Bay military housing community caused children's cancer.

Environmental Health News - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 19:30
Some military families believe oil tanks below military housing in South Carolina are causing cancer in their children. They say at least 15 children who lived on or near the Laurel Bay military housing community are sick with cancer.
Categories: Ecological News
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