Weltweites Agnihotra zur Tag- und Nachtgleiche


 Weltweites Agnihotra zur

Tag- und Nachtgleiche

21.bis 23. September 2017

     Im Jahr 2013 haben wir eine weltweite Agnihotra-Initiative zur Tag- und Nachtgleiche gestartet, sie war ein großer Erfolg. Sehr viele Menschen rund um den Erdball nahmen daran teil, für viele war dies ein Ansporn wieder regelmäßig Agnihotra durchzuführen, und es hat sich ein großes Gefühl des weltweiten Verbunden-Seins eingestellt.
Daher möchten wir dieses Jahr diese wunderbare Erfahrung wiederholen und wir laden alle ein, wieder dabei zu sein!

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Agnihotra se enseña siempre de forma gratuita

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Como maestros de Terapia Homa, las personas a veces preguntan cuánto se cobra para enseñar el Agnihotra. La respuesta es la misma en todo el mundo. Agnihotra se enseña siempre de forma gratuita. Es uno de los principios que seguimos. Y la gente reconoce los profesores de Terapia Homa de buena fe por éste para distinguir función, que nunca cobran por las enseñanzas. Nos dieron estas enseñanzas, conocimiento Divino, de forma gratuita. Por lo tanto, no podemos cobrar por ello!

Agnihotra is Always Taught Free of Charge

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As Homa Therapy teachers, people sometimes ask how much we charge to teach Agnihotra. The answer is the same all over the world. Agnihotra is always taught free of charge. It is one of the principles which we follow. And people recognise bonafide Homa Therapy teachers by this one distinguishing feature, that they never charge for the teachings. We were given these teachings, Divine knowledge, free of charge. So, we cannot charge for it!

Agnihotra Interview Presented on Utopian Realities Blog Talk Radio

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Lisa Powers writes from Madison, VA, USA:

It was a wonderful privilege to be interviewed by Lisa Wolf of UTOPIAN REALITIES S.L.O.P.E. EARTH AID on the radio show AGNIHOTRA: THE SACRED FIRE FOR JOY AND HEALING THE PLANET. The program aired on Sunday, July 3rd from 5-7 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time.

A wide range of topics was discussed, from Agnihotra basics to details and fine points of performance, Agnihotra’s varied applications in healing the environment, its uses in personal healing, and its effects on relieving mental stress.

Homa Therapy Tour in Puerto Rico, Caribbean

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Abel and Aleta recently visited Puerto Rico promoting and teaching Homa Therapy.


      At the airport of San Juan, Eng. Matthias Erismann and his wife Ayrad waited for us to take us to the home of Mrs. Barbara Rogers.
    These 3 wonderful people (angels in disguise) are truly Light Workers, completely devoted to the Homa Fires and with the fervent desire to help people on the island through this ancient healing technique.
They were our hosts, companions, guides, helpers and brothers at all times.

Satsang Volume 44 No 3

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Children’s Summer Programs at Ancient Oaks Homa Farm

Maria Broom

Children, children, children, and young people! From the time the Baltimore Homa Community began to envision our Homa farm, we could always see children there playing, singing, dancing, drumming, hiking, bringing their happy, excited energy and blessing us with just their presence. Well, after two and a half years, our Ancient Oaks Homa Farm in Westminster, Maryland was able to welcome almost 300 children and youthful counselors from the heart of Baltimore city… from five different summer programs, on five separate field trips.

Terapia Homa – la Perspectiva de un Patólogo

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Dr. Tomas Zapata Silva, Patólogo
Hospital EsSalud Marino Molina
Comas, Lima, Peru

         "Soy Médico Patólogo Clínico en el hospital Merino Molina de Comas, Lima, Perú. Tengo recién un mes en el camino de la Terapia Homa y dos años experimentando las Medicinas Complementarias. A raíz de mis 30 años de ejercicio médico, ha sido decepcionante ver el resultado de lo que nos enseñaron en la facultad con lo que veo que hacemos. (Foto: Dr. Tomás Zapata a la izq. con Christian Álvaro Vasquez – con quien aprendió la Terapia Homa- practicando el Agnihotra en el Hospital.)

Workshop on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy at Organic Farming Community ‘Rio Muchacho’ in Canoa, Ecuador

    " Michelle Balandra, Ecuadorian from New York, writes:
The ‘Organic Farming Community Rio Muchacho’ in Canoa is absolutely wonderful! I felt like staying there. Children, adults, plants and all animals look so happy. There is an atmosphere of joy throughout the farm.

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